Jews and Muslims Together

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A Place for Open-Minded Jews and Muslims to Come Together and Understand One Another.
The Emphasis of This Tribe is on The - Together.
Although The Description of this Tribe is for Jews and Muslims Together, Each and Every Person that Feels that this Tribe Vision is One that He/She Wishes to Share and Contribute to - is Welcome to Our Tribe.
This Place is an Open Platform for Sharing Our Thoughts and Ideas in order to Find New Ways to Learn More About Each Other and Expand Our Perspective.....
Finding and Providing information about other Jewish/Muslim collaborative Peace groups that are already working Toward the same Goals all over the World......

This Tribe is a Safe Place for Sharing, Therefor, The Members of this Tribe will not disRespect someone elses Religion/Nationality/Personality.

The Members of This Tribe have Chosen To Continue and Focus On The Mutual Goal of Peace and not to Surrender to the Voices of War.

Let's use Our Collective Energy in Positive Ways that Can Make a Difference...even a little One.....all it takes is to Make the First Step....Join Us....who knows....Perhaps this will Lead To Real Productive Actions, That Will Lead To......

Peace, Shalom, Salaam To ALL....
Amen & Inshallah. RSS Feed what is XML?

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